This natural spectacle occurs where the muddy waters of Solimões River meet with the black waters of Negro River, running side by side for 4 to 6 kilometers without mixing, due to water differences of temperature, density and speed. The two rivers carry on for miles with progressively less distinct whorls and eddies marking the interface between them.

Creatures of a day, what is any one? What is he not? Man is but a dream of a shadow. Yet when there comes as a gift of heaven a gleam of sunshine, there rest upon men a radiant light and, aye, a gentle life.
― Pindar, Odes for Victorious Athletes

Abell 2744 cluster
Camel detailing, Camel Festival, Bikaner

Deer by pixelhouse
© Steve McCurry
These images from Chad, Africa, “Niola Doa” (Beautiful Ladies) may relate to body painting still practiced there.
An Ice cave in Vatnajökull ice cap, southern Iceland. Vatnajökull is the largest ice cap in Europe, around 3,100 km³ constanly changing it’s formation. The texture on the “floor” is snow mixed with volcanic ash from Grímsvötn, the latest erupting volcano in Iceland, erupting in may 2011.
Carp Leaping up a Cascade by Hokusai

Afterwards, before turning in for sleep, Obata would bring forth his philosophies of life. How to remain young. How to appreciate every minute of existence and time. How right it was to be happy, cheerful, and productive. How wrong to shed tears, do nothing, and waste time and strength. That to be an artist was the best of all things.

—Robert Howard